Donation Page

We need money to employ tutors and goal of store front physical location near our targeted customers.

Although we are nonprofit, we are in NEED. Our mission is to provide free and low expense tutoring services to low-income neighbors. We have been in existence since 2007. We have a history of helping with education and social skills.

Our goal is to hire licensed teachers, parents, students (age 16-21) to help with their family's economic triumphs.

Business Name: Saundra's Haven

TIN: 20-8440110

501 (c) (3) IRS Current Status

NV Business License: NV20071569886

Startup business needs: Laptops, Computers, Student Desks


Business expansions (business location strip mall location in targeted customer area and on a busline)


Employee Funding (Wage Funding)

Internet Service Fee

By donating, together we can stop the School to Prison pipeline culture that exists in our communities.